A Challenge to Commit to Values-Based Politics

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A Challenge to Commit to Values-Based Politics

On 12 April 2021, the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) review workshop took place at Pacific Hotel in Lira. This workshop follows others that have also been concluded in Kampala, Busoga, Teso and other regions. Present at the workshop were ANT members who registered wins in the areas, and who together with the ANT fraternity showed a showed commitment and passion to ANT Values.


The implementation of ANT’s roadmap to the 2026 electoral preparedness for the transformation agenda in Uganda is being concretized in the ongoing electoral review process, which will be followed by grassroots structuring, continued mobilization, fundraising, civic education, and empowerment of leaders and members.


Among over 60 Members present, 6 candidates registered wins in local government. The candid engagement featured members’ shared experiences, expectations, review of individual and organizational preparedness, an opportunity to learn more about values-based organizing, skills for local government leadership, the empowerment of members and inputting into the overall ANT strategic plan.


Hon. Alaso Alice Asinuat, the Acting National Coordinator for ANT welcomed the participants to the meeting and led participants in a moment of silence for the comrades who passed away during the electoral process.


“The party took a decision to engage in the electoral process. This was the hardest decision to make, aware that the structural building had been interrupted by COVID-19 and the consequent unfavorable conditions from the government,” she said.


She also said that “it is not a time to give up on the country. Wherever we have passed, it seems that the shrinking political space is consistent and more repressive. We have been talking about corruption and the wastage of the taxpayer’s money, for 2021 and beyond, know that it’s getting worse.”


She then commissioned all members present to represent ANT and continue mobilizing. She added that the next meeting on structures will be at the parishes.


The presidential candidate, Gen. Mugisha Muntu who was also present at the workshop used the opportunity to extend his continued gratitude to all members who stood for ANT at different elective levels.


“We were a young party, we didn’t have money, but you showed up and mobilized,” he said.


He thanked all candidates for their sacrifice. He added that the party commits to fulfil the pledge to its candidates on the promised nomination fees and the pending fees to agents who have submitted the declaration forms. 


He reminded participants that Africa is a source of raw materials. The moment Africa starts advancing, it means that the areas where processing takes palace, there will be an added boost to the economy.


“Ghana and Ivory Coast combined produce about 60% of cocoa in the world. The only way we can break out of this vicious cycle is to be well organized. China in 70 years has moved from being a third world. Are we different? We have the same intelligence, same capacities and yet, what is currently going wrong?”


He emphasized that the issue is not lack of intelligence. “The biggest problem with us is that we want shortcuts. If you sow millet, you know that you must wait for three months before you harvest,” he said.


Gen. Muntu recognised that people are angry all over the country.


“Here we are, a young party. We didn’t perform very well. The four parliamentary candidates we had were militarily targeted because they want to create the narrative that ANT is a nonstarter. Which direction do we take?”


He encouraged members that it all starts with the mind, not resources. To be committed to walk through deserts, rain, rivers, and forests. As he encouraged members to continue mobilization, he cautioned that “my own opinion is that go out there, there are many women and men who have the capabilities and zeal to be part of the struggle. But if you find those who start asking you, is there money, go slow. They will sale you out at the first turbulence you meet.”


In attendance, were other ANT leadership members including Mr. Julius Tindimwebwa, Coordinator of the business community, Mr. John Mary Odoy, CCEDU, Chairman Basakana Hannington, the chairperson Emeritus of Jinja District Local Government, Amb. Edith Grace Sempala, the Education Institutions coordinator Mr. Bala David Bwiruka and the Diaspora and International relations coordinator, Grace Atuhaire. 


The meeting ended at 5:00pm. The next meeting is on 13th April 2021 in Gulu for the Acholi sub region. 








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