A vote for Mugisha Muntu is a vote for the Rule of Law

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A vote for Mugisha Muntu is a vote for the Rule of Law

It is exactly 8 days to the voting day! On the 14th of January 2021, Ugandans will head to the polls to cast a decisive vote on who should lead the country. It is this reason that our candidate continues to reach out to as many Ugandans as possible, encouraging the people to vote for change they trust to uphold the rule of law. 

On 7th January 2021, Gen Mugisha Muntu, the ANT presidential candidate and the campaign team led by Hon. Winnie Kiiza traversed Kisoro and Rubanda. Mugisha Muntu used the opportunity to address two issues: the rule of law and the directive from the Electoral Commission which bans the use of cameras and phones at polling stations. 

Muntu referenced the case of Gen. Kale Kayihura who is accused of failing to protect war material by issuing arms to unauthorised persons, including Boda Boda 2010 members led by convict Abdallah Kitatta between 2010 and 2018. He is also accused of aiding and abetting the kidnapping and repatriating Rwandan exiles and refugees and Ugandan citizens to Rwanda between 2012 and 2016. The accused, however, denies the charges. Mugisha Muntu asserted that all the allegations cannot be separated from YK. Museveni. Although he has never agreed with Gen. Kayihura’s management of the Uganda Police, the country needs to respect and uphold the rule of law. It is unfortunate that at this time, Gen. Kayihura’s case is being handled with impunity. The gaps in the case are a reminder that every Ugandan has the right to a fair trial. The current behaviour of the regime to keep the accused persons as bait is abuse of power. 

In response to the directive from the Election Commission which bans gatherings and the use of cameras and phones at polling stations, Mugisha Muntu remains concerned about the protection of votes without the people’s presence or facilitation for documentation of the process. The EC should allow people to remain at the polling stations while remaining following the COVID-19 guidelines. He asks, “How are polling agents supposed to document the processes? How are they supposed to be in touch with their coordinators? Why is the EC afraid of the cameras?” Mugisha Muntu urged the Electoral Commission to be objective 

And appealed to Mr Justice Simon Byabakama, Chairman of the Uganda Electoral Commission to avoid making the mistakes of his predecessors and act with caution as his actions have an impact on the electoral process. 

“The electoral commission’s role is not to merely announce new directives, but also to engage with political parties in the processes that affect our democracy. All directives must have reasonable arguments for why they want to host an election incognito,” Muntu said. 

Mugisha Muntu reminded the people that the regime will try to steal the election. He urged all Ugandans to protect their vote. He also called on all religious and spiritual people to pray for the country. He said, “As ANT, we will do all we can within our means but God is the one who guides us on this slope to ensure a peaceful electoral process.”

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