Lira - Monday 15 September 2020
Lango Subregion took honours as the first sub region to host the ANT Grassroots Leadership Re-orientation training, where the Party Leadership is meeting with key districts leaders and aspirants on the ANT ticket, to equip them with skills to effectively represent their constituents.
In this exercise, the Lango Sub-region was also honoured  to be the first sub-region to proclaim Rtd. Maj. Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu as the first ever Presidential Flag bearer for the Alliance for National Transformation. The ceremony that was presided over by Mr. Bichwa Rogers, the Party electoral desk officer (Standing in for Mr. Mugarura Dan, the Coordinator Electoral Affairs, who could not make it to Lira), saw the district coordinators read out the proclamation in front of the media.
Constitutionally, the National Delegates’ Conference should have done this however given that efforts to hold a National Delegates’ Conference were frustrated by the Police and Electoral Commission who only gave clearance on the slated date of the conference, the party decided to have sub-regional delegates’ conferences to endorse the National Flag bearer for the presidency as part of the re-orientation training; Lango sub region thus became the first to do so.

General Muntu while accepting the endorsement encouraged all the delegates to stand steadfast, assuring them that the Party would capture state power, however this was not the most pertinent issue at hand.
The most important issue was for the Party to be unique. The goal of the Party is to capture power and use it responsibly to transform the country. He reminded them that one could not give what they did not have, therefore, it is the responsibility all aspiring candidates on the ANT ticket, to use power responsibly and prove the skeptics wrong when elected into office.

He promised that the party was doing all it could to mobilise resources and creating different strategies to assist the lower level candidates and these would be communicated to the candidates in due course. 
The team will also train leaders from Teso, Bugisu and Busoga.


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