ANT Diaspora Meeting with Hon. Alice Alaso and Gen. Mugisha Muntu

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ANT Diaspora Meeting with Hon. Alice Alaso and Gen. Mugisha Muntu

On Saturday 20th March 2021, Alliance for National Transformation top leadership held a virtual meeting with the Diaspora Community. The meeting was attended by among others former Presidential candidate, Gen. Mugisha Muntu; Ag. National Coordinator, Hon. Alice Alaso; Interim Secretary for International Affairs and Diaspora Coordinator, Ms. Grace Atuhaire; Diaspora Communication Coordinator, Cynthia Ayeza; and Senior party member, Dr. Munini Mulera.

The Interim Ag National Coordinator, Hon. Alice Alaso revealed that the election processes in Uganda caused significant financial, emotional, and physical stress on candidates, voters, and likely, all Ugandans leaving many traumatised. She said, “It has been necessary to allow some time and space for people to heal and recover from the stressful experiences”. The Ag National Coordinator assured members that the party is still proceeding with its mandate and agenda and emphasized that the party is still anchored on the philosophy of value-based politics. She addressed the scepticism surrounding the possibility of good governance and value-based politics in Uganda, saying that it is possible and that the party will soon roll out training and meetings with former candidates and leaders at different levels towards this end.  

On the question of fundraising, Hon. Alice Alaso said that the party will spearhead resource mobilization and fundraising to enhance the operations of the party. She urged members to willingly contribute to this cause. She commended the Diaspora Chapter for the support they have rendered to the party especially on the strengthening of the Secretariat, facilitating communication and visibility among other activities. 

While addressing the meeting, former Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu said that the Alliance for National Transformation will move to build a strong foundation premised on people’s trust and sustainable national interest. Mugisha Muntu said that the internal strength built by the party will determine its strength to hold the country together and influence its position when it comes to foreign policy.

Mugisha Muntu further said that if African countries have to transform and advance their development trajectory, they will have to address the leadership question both internally and externally at the regional level. He said that without good leadership, most African countries will remain a source of raw materials for the western world. He emphasized that this can be corrected by building the necessary strength to shock absorb ourselves from vulnerability on a leadership front.

Mugisha Muntu concluded by re-echoing the issue of fundraising, urging members to participate in resource mobilization and fundraising.      

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