ANT post election review meetings bring new hope for Uganda

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ANT post election review meetings bring new hope for Uganda
Alliance for National Transformation has been holding consultative meetings with it's leaders and last elections flag bearers to review the last elections and the party's performance.

Of course it's undeniable that ANT didn't perform as expected. It's a fact that we went into this election as a new political organisation that had barely been formed, we were also competing in an election whose ground was not leveled enough to process the will of the people.

However we went in this election as the most appropriate way & the least disastrous way through which change can be achieved. We also went into it with hope that we would overcome all the challenges we had & emerge victorious no matter the circumstances. 

Throughout the meetings we have had it's clear that Ugandans out rightly rejected the outcome of that election. It's also clear that Ugandans have always been ready & eager for change as early as yesterday. Even when we lost, our vision was but lost, our purpose has not changed & our spirits were not crushed.

The task before us as leaders is to organise this willing population to unite in pursuit for change. In meeting as leaders to we continue to dig deeper in our minds to acknowledge whatever mistakes we could have made, what we should have done that and we didn't do or what we would have done differently and what opportunities that lie in our face that we can exploit to our benefit.

It's important to note that it's our deliberate actions, deeds & plans that will deliver this country to the change we desire. Unless a miracle happens, we shall not get good will from Gen Museveni or his NRM to give us the change we want. We shall have to work against his will, against his maneuvers, against his wish to deliver the change we desire.

So as ANT has done, all parties or opposition groups that participated in the last election should do self evaluation, with time we could do a joint evaluation as Opposition forces from which we can harness our capabilities for a common purpose.

To all opposition supporters & sympathisers, time for lamenting should come to an end, and work should begin. We should switch off the chapter of Lamentations and open the new chapter of acts.

Whereas the change has been delayed, it will ultimately not be denied because our pursuit for justice, equality, equity, transparency, good governance, democracy, social & economic development is unstoppable.

May God bless you.
Muhimbise George, 0787836515

The author is a member of Alliance for National Transformation Publicity Committee

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