ANT to Restore Hope and Dignity among Ugandans

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ANT to Restore Hope and Dignity among Ugandans

Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu continues his campaign trail in Eastern Uganda ahead of the January 14th polls. While speaking to the residents of Tororo, Busia, and Bugiri, he expressed concern about the current government's deliberate effort to crush the aspirations of Ugandans for the future. One case in point is a situation where Ugandans in rural communities have reached a level of receiving 1000 Shillings for the vote they will cast. He reassured the citizens that the next ANT government will work tirelessly to recover the people’s self-esteem and restore their dignity in the country.

Mugisha Muntu further spoke of the need for a peaceful transition of power and democratic governance. He said that any physical development without components of good governance like free and fair elections, justice, and equality before the law is not sustainable at all. He cited the example of Libya that had attained all indicators of socioeconomic development but was later crushed because of lack of investment in good governance. He added that it is very risky to build governance around an individual as such governance may end with the individual as was the case with Gaddafi, among others.

It is from this backdrop that he called upon the people to consider replacing the current government with a value-based organization that fronts institutional building and empowerment of collective actions while presiding over national issues. He blamed the current regime headed by Gen. Museveni for eroding national values and the moral fiber that has left the nation with no sense of direction. He promised the people that there is still some hope and Ugandans can restore their country’s glory by electing ANT’s disciplined team of leaders in the forthcoming elections.

The presidential candidate further asked youth and women not to be lured by Gen. Museveni handouts in form of money in exchange for votes in the January 14th polls. He said that such schemes have been here before and have not yielded any fruits because they are primarily put in place with no good intentions. He added that it is practically impossible for any group to develop and improve their livelihoods through handouts. He assured the people that the next ANT government will invest in small scale industries, improve agriculture, promote local investment as well as infrastructural development as an alternative to giving people handouts.

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