ANT will Ensure a Peaceful and Stable Transition – Mugisha Muntu

ANT will Ensure a Peaceful and Stable Transition – Mugisha Muntu

Tuesday 8th December 2020, Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu and his team extended the campaigns to the districts of Kalaki, Amuria, and Kapelebyong. While here, Mugisha Muntu urged Ugandans to look at the bigger picture while casting their vote on 14th January 2021.


He said that different candidates and political parties have manifestos, however, having a manifesto and the capacity to implement it are two different considerations. He reassured the people that the ANT team has got the discipline and capacity to implement the manifesto presented to the citizens during the campaigns. He added that the next ANT government will ensure that there are solid and disciplined institutions to facilitate socio-economic transformation.


The presidential candidate further tackled the issue of gross corruption in the Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority (URBRA). Mugisha Muntu said that a significant number of pensioners have been defrauded by the institution, whereby most of them first pay a bribe to access their retirement benefits while others die without accessing the retirement benefits. It should be noted that the Au­di­tor Gen­er­al's re­port for FY 2014/15 reported that the Min­istry of Pub­lic Ser­vice had an out­stand­ing pen­sion and gra­tu­ity li­a­bil­ity of Ugx 199 Bn, as at 30/6/2015 (up from Ugx 108 Bn as at 30/6/2014).


Mugisha Muntu attributed the accumulation of gratuity and pension arrears to systemic corruption in the Ministry of Public Service. He assured Ugandans, that such injustices will not be tolerated in the next ANT government.


On the issue of transition, Mugisha Muntu asked to the people in Kalaki, Amuria, and Kapelebyong, to reject NRM cadres' false propaganda that is geared towards instilling fear in citizens suggesting that when Gen. Museveni and NRM leave power that there will instabilities.


He reassured them that he and other like-minded Ugandans who have a military background, working with the ANT disciplined team will do everything humanly possible to ensure that there is peace and stability in the post-Museveni era.

Mugisha Muntu further spoke about the promotion of agro-processing, which he said will ignite improved livelihoods and poverty alleviation in the Teso sub-region.


He expressed concern about the failure of the government to help citrus farmers who lack access to markets, and low prices. “It is disappointing for the current government to mobilize farmers into citrus farming and later fail to support them in production, aggregation, and marketing,” he said. Teso region is known for its rich climate, which favors citrus farming especially oranges and lemon. He assured the people that the next ANT government will invest in value chain management systems, extension services, and increase the agricultural budget to promote commercial farming.


Regarding education, Mugisha Muntu promised that the next ANT government will promote higher institutions of learning, having improved universal primary and secondary education, to enhance human capital development. He said that human capital development should go hand in hand with population growth. He added that plans will be focused on ensuring development processes are systematically monitored and avoiding any loopholes.


He concluded his campaigns in the area by asking the people of Kalaki, Amuria, and Kapelebyong to entrust the ANT disciplined team with leadership through the ballot on 14th January 2021. He said, “This team will ensure a stable, peaceful, and transformed Uganda that works for all.”

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