ANT will ensure Justice, Fairness and Equality in Governance − Mugisha Muntu

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ANT will ensure Justice, Fairness and Equality in Governance − Mugisha Muntu

Saturday 26th December 2020, Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu and the campaign team traversed North and South Kawempe and Nakawa East and West. He was accompanied by ANT leaders and aspirants, including Head of Campaign Team, Hon. Winnie Kiiza; Buganda Region Coordinator, Owek. Sewava Serubili; Head of women league, Amb. Edith Grace Sempala; Lord Mayor Aspirant, Yakubu Mayanja Musaazi; Women MP candidate for Kampala, Aisha Nabasirye Gitta; MP Aspirant for Kampala Central, Ronald Mukasa Senkubuge; the Women LC5 Councillor for Nakawa I, Zeridah Kakayi; and MP Aspirant Makindye Ssabagabo, Dr. Ali Kangume among others. In Kawempe South, the presidential candidate officiated the opening of the Bwaise coordination office.

Mugisha Muntu called upon voters to vote for him as a presidential candidate and vote for change at all elective positions. He said that Gen. Museveni has taken advantage of numbers in parliament and local councils to manipulate things in his favor. This is the time for voters to deny him this chance and reverse the trend by voting for opposition candidates to all elective positions. Mugisha Muntu further urged voters not to be distracted by the money that NRM is using as bribes to vote for NRM candidates, arguing that it’s their stolen money that the government is misusing in these elections. He promised that the next ANT government will empower citizens and enable them to regain the capacity to work for themselves and defeat the dependency syndrome.

The presidential candidate also told the people of Kampala that the next ANT government will enrich issues of equity, justice, and fairness as a foundation for transformation, noting that though intangible, they are very fundamental in the governance and sustainable growth of any nation. He said that without fairness, justice, and equality, the country stands higher chances of exploding.

Mugisha Muntu concluded the day by asking the people to entrust the ANT party with leadership for change that every Ugandan can trust, adding that the party will ensure institutional governance and value-based leadership.

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