Celebrate Wins and Sow Seeds in Failure.

Celebrate Wins and Sow Seeds in Failure.

The morning of 10th April 2021 begun with a drizzle and the over 40 Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) coordinators and members who contested on elective positions were undeterred in attending the post-election review. The ANT has organized a series of post-election review workshops intended to garner lessons and best practices for the party going forward, including addressing challenges that candidates experienced during the electoral process.


In the Teso subregion, the party registered over 10 wins and also present at the meeting were elected persons of independent- ANT leaning. The members expressed a passion and commitment to the transformation agenda of ANT.


The overall discussion reflected on the national context and reediness of the party and its members, the regional election reports, the challenges faced at the sub regional level and solutions to forge a collective way forward. Participants also brainstormed on the ideas that should shape the party’s strategic plan to ensure effective coordination,  


Hon. Alice Alaso, the National Coordinator welcomed the participants of the workshop and was joined by members in paying tribute to all the party’s foreign colleagues. As she directed the meeting agenda, she used the momentum to commend the commitment of coordinators and members. While she updated the team on the overall rating of ANT throughout the country, members present joined in celebrating the wins while acknowledging the failures as a significant seed sowed in the transformative journey of the country.


She urged members to ensure that at every parish, “let the Party be in those villages”.


Mugisha Muntu, the presidential candidate echoed the congratulatory message to members for their participation and representation. He reminded members that the existence of normalized injustices in the country was a status before the elections and this will continue.


“We are building ourselves to be the service driven candidates for the country. If we remain committed to the values of ANT, our incoming government will register great success for our people,” Mugisha Muntu said.


He emphasized that the realization of justice, equity, and equality requires transformative leaders that speak to the ANT character.


“Fairness can’t just happen. Justice cants just happen. There must be laws that serve all, and qualified leaders with values to ensure that the law is not abused, and every citizen is protected,” Mugisha Muntu said.


Members joined the presidential candidate in asserting that good things can happen in Uganda and committing to being the agents of change that the country needs. He used the opportunity to encourage all ANT candidates who vied for elective positions but lost, “Not to lose hope because you are on a mission of value; keep fighting until we get to where we want to go”.


He said that whenever members encounter or engage with people who decry the current system and yet endorsed the government in electoral process that we are all paying a price for making the wrong decision.


“It is our responsibility to keep explaining to the people because they are trapped, and we need to create awareness for a mindset change. They ought to understand that the person giving them UGX 1000 or 2000s is devaluing them to a level lower than the chicken they own. We must keep explaining this to the people,” Mugisha Muntu said.


Also in attendance were several members in the ANT leadership, including Julius Ntindimwebwa, Coordinator of the Business community, Mr. John Mary Odoy, CCEDU, Chairman Basakana Hannington, the chairperson Emeritus of Jinja District Local Government, Amb. Edith Grace Sempala and the Education Institutions coordinator Mr. Bala David Bwiruka, who provided skilled based input on the opportunities for mobilisation, national electoral context, the practices in the country’s local government, women’s agency, and youth agency. Also present was the Diaspora and International Relations coordinator, Grace Atuhaire who facilitates the Diaspora’s contribution in the ongoing electoral review process.  


The next workshop is scheduled for 11th April 2021 in Lira for the Lango subregion.  

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