Clean Leadership starts from Leaders at the Top− Mugisha Muntu

Monday 21st December 2020, Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu campaigned in Moyo, Obongi, and Yumbe. As seems to be the norm in these presidential campaigns, the team was blocked from accessing the planned campaign venues. Known for his peaceful approach, Mugisha Muntu and the team canceled the meetings and proceeded to Voice of the Nile Radio station to address the people in the area. He condemned the indiscipline exhibited by security operatives and attributed it to the bigger underlying problem which is regime survival. However, Mugisha Muntu sympathized with the security operatives citing that whatever they are doing is instigated by fear from their superiors. He urged them to also participate in voting for change to create a new environment where they will operate without tension.

Mugisha Muntu further commented on the breakdown of systems characterized by corruption, injustices, and lack of government's commitment towards achieving the set goals. This has led to economic inequalities, unemployment, criminality, and slow progress in economic development. He urged Ugandans to use the January 14th, 2021 polls to make their voice heard by voting for change. He added that the best way to get rid of dictatorship is to uproot it from the ground.   

While appearing on Voice of the Nile Radio, Mugisha Muntu said that clean leadership starts from the top to the bottom. He added that once you have corrupted and un-trustworthy leaders at the national level, it becomes extremely difficult to have clean leadership at the bottom. It is on this basis that he encouraged citizens to scrutinize leaders and elect a disciplined team with a reputable track record, free from corruption and mismanagement of public offices. So far, ANT has the most credible team suitable for transforming this nation from the bondage of injustices, human rights abuses, criminality, and corruption.   

The Presidential candidate further commented on the bad state of roads in the area which he also attributed to entrenched corruption in government institutions. He assured citizens that the next ANT government will put corruption to an end and ensure value for money in infrastructural development projects like roads. With zero tolerance for corruption, the ANT government will succeed in developing road infrastructure, especially feeder roads in rural communities of Uganda.

On top of other challenges, such as low levels of technology, absence of cooperative societies, and lack of access to credit facilities, farmers in the region are grappling with the unstructured market, which has made it impossible for them to reap any benefits from their produce. He reassured farmers in West Nile that ANT intends to revive cooperative unions, increase the agriculture budget and reestablish cooperative unions. This will help to promote agriculture from subsistence to commercial.

Regarding social services, particularly education and health, Mugisha Muntu cited the widening gap towards access to such services among the populace. He said that a significant number of people are poor because they spend a lot of money trying to access health and education. The worst-case scenario is that even after spending their hard-earned money, they get poor quality services in return. He promised citizens that the next government will ensure that access to health is universal through the National Health Insurance Scheme. Also, the government will enhance the existing UPE and USE by eradicating the prevailing gaps that have compromised the provision of quality education in public schools. Bridging these gaps will raise the quality of outputs which will have a direct impact on human capital development.

He concluded the day by asking people to entrust him and the ANT team with leadership for a Uganda that works for everyone.    

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