Elections the only Credible way to Qualitative Change − Mugisha Muntu

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Elections the only Credible way to Qualitative Change − Mugisha Muntu

Tuesday 29th December 2020, Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu and the team campaigned in Mubende, Kasanda, and Mityana. He used this opportunity to officiate the opening of the Mityana coordination office. Mugisha Muntu told the people of Mubende, Kasanda, and Mityana that his departure from NRM and disagreement with Gen. Museveni came because of Museveni’s deviation from fundamental ideals upon which the NRA liberation struggle was founded. “Some people used to say that some of us who left NRM have personal problems with Gen. Museveni, and that maybe we had quarrels in the bush etc. No, it is nothing personal, the issue is that the movement departed from the ideals we fought for. We realized that some things we sought to get rid of in the country back then were slowly coming back," he said.

Mugisha Muntu reminded the people that the ground will not be leveled in the forthcoming elections while the country is dealing with a ruthless regime that doesn’t respect divergence in opinion and an Electoral Commission that is operating under pressure and panic. He said that the fact that there is no credible alternative in the current regime to achieving credible change, there is a need to press on and turn up in huge numbers and overwhelm the regime through the ballot. “As ANT, our focus has always been to organize until our side is organized enough to overwhelm the regime,” he said.

The presidential candidate further assured the people that there will be change and nothing will stop it from happening; however, he reminded them that they must ensure that this country gets qualitative change. He urged them to desist from pessimistic tendencies that their vote will not count, citing that this works in favor of Gen. Museveni. “We urge the people to do their part to transform the nation by showing up to vote for the change they want to see, on 14th January 2021. Tell a friend to turn up to vote for change and then the country can be at peace," Mugisha Muntu said.  

The Presidential candidate concluded the day by asking the people in Mubende, Kasanda, and Mityana to entrust him with the leadership of this country because he is ethical, honest, trustworthy, and incorruptible. He added that these are the traits that the next president of Uganda should possess if Uganda is to break the vicious cycle of bad governance that has characterized this nation since independence.

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