Here's the Latest from your Party

Heres the Latest from your Party
Happy New Year! As we begin the new year, we are excited about all the progress we made last year and even more excited about what we can do together this year. Here's a quick overview of what has happened:

Since March 19th, 2019 when the Party was formally cleared by the Electoral Commission, we have set up National Offices and several subregional offices.
We appointed a transitional team of leaders to help make the necessary preparations for our first National Assembly.
So far, our teams have conducted over 75 meetings in 22 sub-regions across the country.
Since being formally registered, we have fielded candidates in two bi-elections (LC1 and LC3) and won one of them (More on this later).
Because we have always emphasised that we are focused on grassroot mobilization, we are proud of the work our people, especially the youth and women, are doing to popularize the Party..
Over the next few weeks we will be unveiling several exciting developments. These include:

Our road map to the first National Delegates Conference: This will be the first time our Party members meet officially and will be the basis of electing our all our national, regional, sub-regional, District and Constituency leaders. 
Unveiling of our new and updated, interactive Party Mobile App and other Support Technology that will enable Ugandans to register, support and receive regular updates from the Party. 
Opportunities to volunteer with the party in various positions across the country.
We are convinced that Ugandans are ready for a different approach to politics: one that puts their interests and those of the country before personal ambition. Everywhere we go, we see youth, the elderly, women, men and even children that are tired of politicians that only think about them when elections are approaching. We are determined to changing this and look forward to having you participate in transforming our country's politics. 
Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates of what the party is up to.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to bringing about the change we seek.
The Alliance For National Transformation: People First, A New Future

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