Interparty Dialogue on Women’s Participation in Politics ​

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On 27th April, the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Secretariat had a rare opportunity to host women leaders from the different political parties in Uganda, including from the Democratic Party, Forum for Democratic Change, National Unity Platform, and the National Resistance Movement.  The half- day meeting was organized and sponsored by Akina Mama wa Africa (AMwA).


AMwA invited three women leaders from each of the political parties. The ANT was represented by Hon. Alice Alaso, Amb. Edith Ssempala, Hon. Sarah Kiyingi, and Ms Mariam Natabi. Also, in attendance was Mr Martin Okumu, the National Coordinator Research & Policy


Amb. Edith Sempala, the ANT Women League Coordinator encouraged women to actively participate in politics. She reiterated the essence of women participation and leadership, since 51% of the population is female. Their active role in politics could yield positive outcomes.


The meeting discussed themes that included Personal Development, Feminism, Women Human Rights, and Advocacy and Sexuality among others. Most of the participants who are senior leaders in their political parties had a no-holds-barred input on how AMwA can leverage the discussed theme towards training models.


The meeting resolved around the need to support and empower young women to participate in politics and take up the leadership mantle. It was agreed that matters of faith, physical exercise, and sexuality should be optional for future training of women in political leadership.


The only man in the meeting listened attentively and was invited to give a vote of thanks at the end.


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