Investment in Education will Ignite our Potential

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Investment in Education will Ignite our Potential

The Presidential Candidate started his day with a visit to Bororo All Saints Church Lira, and prayed with congregants ahead of his campaigns in Lira, Kwania, Apac, and Kole. He was accompanied by the head of the Women’s League, Amb. Edith Grace Sempala and the Head of Religious Affairs, Ms. Eunice Akullo. Mugisha Muntu mentioned, as he has done in other parts of Northern Uganda, that the region has the potential for becoming the food basket not only for Uganda but for East and Central Africa.


It is against this background that the presidential candidate mentioned that the next ANT government will work on changing the people's mindset and refocus them towards modern and commercial farming. The government shall ensure that land rights and tenure security are in place. This will be supplemented by upgrading feeder roads, reestablishing cooperative unions, establishing an agricultural bank as well as investing in value chain management.


Mugisha Muntu also spoke about transforming education and making it practical to end the challenge of low outputs manifested in high rates of unemployment and low human capital development.


He said that the current divide between the public and private schools has squashed the potential of young pillars in this country. “All human beings are born with potential and there is nothing other people on this planet are doing that we cannot do or achieve ourselves.


We must take this truth to heart and never allow anyone or anything make us feel less human than anyone else," he said. He added that the next ANT government will adequately invest in education to assure optimum outcomes from the sector.


While interacting with citizens in the districts of Lira, Kwania, Apac, and Kole, Mugisha Muntu said that these elections are the chance they have to end the long spell of broken promises lasting 58 years. He said that the current regime has lost moral direction and there is nothing they can do to develop the nation.


He urged the people to wake up, and on 14th January 2021, make their choice clear by electing a government that works for all. “This is the right time to retire Gen. Museveni. We must all go and vote. And if we all do, we will retire Gen. Museveni and provide the space we need to move forward as a country," Mugisha Muntu said.

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