Is Mugisha Muntu beyond the political times of Uganda?

Is Mugisha Muntu beyond the political times of Uganda?

There have been political squabbles about a far-off and careless tweet from a one of Uganda’s army generals who apart from anything else has only been shaped and given address by the same army that has been modelled by the sober Gen. Mugisha Muntu.

This shouldn't have been the mantle of this story, but someone would ask that why then weigh up Mugisha Muntu at this time, yet we have rambled about his political approach and careful and rigorous attitude? A lot of times he has been mocked and called a "mole" for being orderly, cautious, and inclined to purpose (what he thinks is necessary). 

It seems that those who originally propagated the “mole” narrative have been left scrambling for a new angle, and as time goes on, their propaganda continues to fail them.

We know that Gen. Muntu is not beyond the political times of Uganda, as I and many others sometimes to think. He is a representative of countless other voices whose class of intellect, conditional to ethics and rationality has been overwhelmed by a flawed society, a society that has fallen victim to a prolonged, dishonest, tenth rate and indolent government.

In my adjusted view, I would say that the political times of Uganda have been delayed in as far as matching the political class of Gen. Mugisha Muntu. This may be hard for us to understand, and it would be difficult for me too to answer how he (Muntu) managed to consciously progress politically when the rest of Uganda seemed to remain stunted. 

I am willing to discuss the idea of whether Muntu is beyond the political times of Uganda and whether he should lower his standards and adjust to local politics. The question is, does this serve us? Will it even achieve anything, were he to consider this approach even remotely [being a man of principle, and self-discipline, I doubt that he would give that up]? What do we stand to benefit from the current local politics, characterised by greed, indiscipline, lacking in foresight etc?

I believe it is a sad state for our country when someone of Gen. Muntu’s calibre is said to be too good for us. It is sad that we think our country does not deserve this man’s leadership.

However, I also believe that no matter how badly off our country is, those of us who believe that we deserve someone like Gen. Muntu and the likes of him, should come together, join hands, and speak up. It is upon such actions that others can begin to realise that there is hope for out country, no matter what some other army personnel tweet.

Written by Beinomugisha Fredrick, a member of ANT.

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