Latest from the Alliance

Latest from the Alliance
We concluded our sub-regional meetings with stakeholders at the start of the month. These were very successful and the response we have got from the grassroots is very encouraging. In total, we met with over 5000 grassroot leaders countrywide.
Last week, we met with our student leaders from over 23 universities and tertiary institutions. Youth are at the core of our party's growth and we are being intentional about ensuring that they have the space and opportunities to be at the frontline of our party activities.
This week, we have been camped in Serere district, where our leadership is visiting ALL the sub-counties there.
DID YOU KNOW: In Serere district, we have set up party structures at ALL levels, including villages! Our interim Deputy National Coordinator in charge of Finance and Administration, Hon. Alaso Alice Asianut is leading the team through Serere. Get regular updates from the field by following our Facebook Page and Twitter Accounts at the bottom of this newsletter.
IT'S OFFICIAL: In a press conference held at our national offices, the party spokesperson, Hon. Wilberforce Seryazi announced that our party National Delegates conference will be taking place in June. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.
We are convinced that Ugandans are ready for a different approach to politics: one that puts their interests and those of the country before personal ambition. Everywhere we go, we see youth, the elderly, women, men and even children that are tired of politicians that only think about them when elections are approaching. We are determined to changing this and look forward to having you participate in transforming our country's politics. 
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