Latest from the Alliance

Latest from the Alliance
This month we resumed our leadership training meetings at District and Constituency levels. The Party leadership headed by the National coordinator Gregory Mugisha Muntu visited Jinja and Ssembabule Districts. And this is what he had to say;

[On the Importance of confidence]. 
“Many people now think that elections cannot defeat Gen. Museveni. Of course, that is what he wants people to think-He wants you to think that it is impossible; he cannot be defeated. There is nothing a man or a woman can achieve if he or she doesn't believe that it's possible. As the Alliance, we believe that we can defeat Gen. Museveni through an election. We have seen how vulnerable he is in areas where opposition has superior organisation. We have defeated him from there. If we can build that capacity across the country, we can defeat him during the day”.

[ON: Why We Must all Participate in Politics].
“Of course, the regime uses fear to control the population. When they teargas people in Masaka, the people of Sembabule who want change, go under their beds. As a result, many people have resigned from politics. They think that the man is going nowhere.  Politics is at the centre of everything be it: business, health, or your education. It is worth your time; it is worth your sacrifice. You need to fully participate in politics without fear.”

[Elections: Turning Weakness into Strength].
“We have no illusion that this regime can organize a free and fair election. To us, an election is just like any struggle. We must organise and defeat him in spite of the impediments. Some people think that this approach is for the weak---NO! If I believe that something is right, I pursue it, even if I have the majority of one.”

[ON: The Importance of Strategy and Planning].
“We have carefully studied the situation obtaining in the country and chosen this path deliberately (Party building). If any group gets into power using another approach, they should invite us and we see how to run the government together. 
But if Gen. Museveni is still (in power) by election time, we are better off having a group that is well organized to run him out through the electoral process and that is where we come in as the Alliance.” 

[Cutting Bad Roots; Building New Ones].
“As a Party we don't have any presidential flagbearer at the moment, we are building as of now. (We shall have a Presidential flagbearer whom we are willing to subject into a coalition in case we succeed in building one). What we are doing now is building the Party from the grassroot and that's why we are here today. 
No tree can stand without roots. Gen. Museveni is up there because you have given him all the leaders at all other levels. That needs to stop. If we want to remove Gen. Museveni from up there, we have to cut him from the roots.”
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I agree with you Gen Muntu in principle and strategy however we should package our core/ basic communication in different sizes depending on the class of people coz some innocent Ugandans are tired of bad politics but they have lost hope
Paddy kamukama

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