Mugisha Muntu - On Leadership without Ethics and Discipline

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Mugisha Muntu - On Leadership without Ethics and Discipline

Friday 18th December 2020, Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu together with his team campaigned in Luuka, Namayingo, and Bugweri districts in the Busoga sub-region. While here, Mugisha Muntu encouraged citizens not to consider money as a yardstick for choosing a leader in the forthcoming elections. He said that this country needs disciplined and ethical leaders who will put the country before self and fight for national interests. “Do not be intimidated or even awed by candidates throwing around money as they campaign. Leadership is not about money. Do not sell your vote,” Mugisha Muntu said.

Mugisha Muntu emphasized that leadership without ethics and discipline is worthless and a danger to human dignity. Such leadership cannot deliver in terms of policy implementation or even achieve the desired set of development goals. “Uganda has some of the best policies in the region on paper, but the NRM lacks the disciplined, principled leadership to implement them,” Muntu said. The new ANT government will guarantee discipline, values, and ethics in leadership which will bridge the existing gaps in policy implementation and service delivery.    

Just as he did in other areas campaigned, the presidential candidate emphasized the need for qualitative change that will usher in new life, not agony and misery. He expressed disappointment about the current leadership that has chosen to act as a stumbling block for Uganda’s democratization and good governance. He cited the cases of lifting the age limit in 2017 and removal of term limits in 2004 from the Constitution. He added that this was the greatest betrayal that Uganda has witnessed in its 58 years of independence. The next ANT government will re-write this history and guide the nation on the right path.

The presidential candidate further highlighted that the next ANT government intends to tackle the key areas of development to propagate a seed for socio-economic transformation. These will include transforming agriculture from subsistence to commercial, refurbishing UPE and USE to optimum quality levels, boosting the health system, enhancement infrastructural development especially rural feeder roads, as well as fostering local industrial investment.       

Mugisha Muntu concluded the day in Bugweri by asking the people to support and vote the ANT value-oriented leaders into power and end the long spell of poor governance that has made it impossible for Uganda to register any economic progress. He added that a vote for ANT will translate into governance anchored on equity, fairness, transparency, and accountability.  

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