Mugisha Muntu - We will Rehabilitate the Country in the Post Museveni Era

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Mugisha Muntu - We will Rehabilitate the Country in the Post Museveni Era

Saturday 5th December 2020, Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu and the ANT campaign team campaigned in Pader, Atuke, and Alebtong. The trail involved many stopovers as the presidential candidate met different groups that anxiously waited to hear the message of hope. Mugisha Muntu reassured people that after voting Gen. Museveni out of power on 14th January 2021, the next ANT government will embark on solving the challenges that the incumbent has failed to solve while in power. "The moment Gen. Museveni is out it means that we will be confronted by the same problems he has failed to solve. He has failed to resolve corruption, issues of justice, nepotism, and delivery of service. Our view, in ANT, is that there is a need to vote out Museveni and do things differently," Muntu said.  


The presidential candidate further urged people that in the forthcoming election, they should consider voting for the right person who will make sure that taxes are transparently collected and managed to ensure efficient service delivery in the country. He added that the candidate to be voted for should be able to ensure transparency, justice, and development of institutions for effective service delivery in the areas of health, agriculture, water and sanitation, and education.


Just as he had mentioned in Acholi and Lango, Mugisha Muntu echoed the point of making northern Uganda the food basket of Uganda and the region through agriculture modernization. He said that it only requires discipline in leadership to transform agriculture from subsistence to commercialization in the country. He said that the next ANT government will work on a mindset change of the local farmers through the provision of professional extension service, enhancement of land rights and tenure security, the establishment of the agricultural bank, reestablishment of agricultural cooperatives, and promotion of value chain management.  


Mugisha Muntu asked the people of Pader, Atuke, and Alebtong to entrust ANT with leadership in the forthcoming election because it a value-driven organization that believes in peaceful coexistence, Godliness, fairness, and equality. He said that these are the qualities that have been missing in all the groups that have taken leadership of this country since independence. He added that once the ANT is elected to power on 14th January 2021, the missing link between governance, leadership, and socioeconomic transformation will have been solved in Uganda.

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