Normalise Leadership Transitions: Mugisha Muntu in Buyende

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Normalise Leadership Transitions: Mugisha Muntu in Buyende

We are now 9 days away from the voting date scheduled by the Uganda Electoral Commission. On the 14th of January 2021, Ugandans will trek to polling stations armed with their vote for their chosen candidate.

On 4th January 2021, Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu and the campaign team traversed Buyende, where the team was hosted by Nyakato Rose, the ANT Buyende Coordinator and Galikuwa Moses Kimeze, candidate for the Member of Parliament seat of Budiope West, Buyende. 

Mugisha Muntu reiterated that he would have loved to visit all parts of the country but has not been able to because of a number of limitations, including the unrealistic campaign schedule from the Electoral Commission, blockades from the Uganda Police, and denied access to media houses. These issues remain a key challenge for the candidate to reach the people of Uganda.  

He emphasised that ANT has competent and value-based leaders that have presented themselves to represent the country with a shared aspiration for a transformative society in our country. He appealed to the electorate to trust and vote into office all ANT candidates. 

He reiterated that ANTs leadership is committed to facilitating a people-centred environment with respect to the rule of law and igniting innovation and creativity for Uganda’s young population. He affirmed that ANT is committed to building strong and sustainable structures where every member has an equal chance and opportunity to aspire and contribute to the vision of national development. He also emphasised the need to normalise leadership transitions. He appealed to the members of NRM to support the country by retiring General YK. Museveni.

Regarding the post-election processes, Mugisha Muntu committed to the continuation of building a solid party foundation right from the parish level, upward. The Alliance for National Transformation’s mission is to build strong party structures. He also said that once ANT candidates are elected into office, the team shall embark on training competent and credible future leaders to be able to maintain a positive direction and sustain the collective vision for a developed country. 

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