Our philosophy is to build homesteads – Mugisha Muntu

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Our philosophy is to build homesteads – Mugisha Muntu

Monday 7th December, Presidential candidate Mugisha Muntu together with his team campaigned in Dokolo, Amolatar, and Kaberamaido. While here, Mugisha Muntu asked locals to abandon Gen. Museveni and vote for change if they want to see real change and transformation in their areas and the country in general.


He said that the current regime has limited its capacity for regime survival and has abandoned people that have consistently supported and voted it into power. He added that any regime that concentrates only on survival cannot do anything tangible to uplift the livelihoods of its people. He appealed to the citizens in this area and the whole country to entrust ANT with leadership to realise immediate actions towards social-economic transformation.


The presidential candidate further stated that ANT's transformational philosophy is anchored in improving the standards of the homesteads so that these homesteads lift the communities, and the communities lift the country. He emphasized that the entire approach shall follow the bottom-up paradigm instead of the reverse.


He said that it is practically impossible for anyone to develop a country from the top going down. He further stated that the next ANT government will put much emphasis on services that directly affect the livelihoods of 70% of the population.


These shall include modernization of agriculture through value chain management and increased budget, healthcare through reforms in human resource practices, equipment, and supplies, education through bridging the divide between public and private institutions. He reassured citizens that with such reforms, Uganda will beat the odds of a peasantry economy and socioeconomic vulnerability.


Mugisha Muntu also spoke to the need to establish strong institutions that would help to create equal opportunities for all. He said that strong institutions in land management, justice sector, investment, and trade are the bedrock for equal opportunities for Ugandans with different potentials.


He attributed the current challenges such as land grabbing, economic inequalities, and injustices to government’s dysfunctional systems and politics of individualism. He said that the next ANT government will empower systems in governance and leadership and this will help to streamline socioeconomic transformation.

Mugisha Muntu concluded his campaign by asking the people to entrust the ANT party with leadership because it has the discipline, values, and capacity to hold this country together and guide it through a peaceful transition.

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