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Fellow Ugandans,
In the recent days, there has been some discussion going on about the crossing of some former FDC members into our New Formation. While opinions have been varied, there have been many that have
attempted to frame this phenomenon as negative and weakening to the opposition. We therefore feel it is important to clarify our thoughts on the matter. When we made the announcement that we would be leaving FDC, we emphasized that it was a result of having two conflicting perspectives on how to move forward. We mentioned that there are many within the party that felt like we do and that the choice of joining us or not would be entirely theirs, just as it is for colleagues from other parties that have signalled a willingness to join us. The natural effect of our departure was that there were some people that would join us and others that wouldn’t. It is very unfair, perhaps even undemocratic therefore, for anyone to start accusing us of ‘recruiting’ from within the FDC.
Secondly, it would be pretentious not to point out that every political party in existence in the country today went through exactly what we are going through. Indeed FDC itself came into existence as a
result of individuals crossing from the NRM, DP, UPC and other political outfits at the time. Since its formation, several people have continued to join the FDC from other parties while others have left.
What is happening with us is therefore nothing new and will continue to happen over the coming weeks and months. It is equally conceivable that there might be at some point, individuals that may
leave our new formation and join other existing parties or form others.
Thirdly, we would like to state that the initial offer we made to the FDC leadership to set up a joint committee with the duty of managing the post-separation process still stands. We firmly believe that
if we handle this process maturely and properly, it will result in better coordination among the Opposition, with each party using its unique position and strategy to achieve common objectives.
Being united does not require that we all come from the same party. Indeed unity by definition refers to a coming together of otherwise different entities.
Lastly, we would like to thank all those that have supported us over the past few weeks. We have been engaged in several preparatory processes and will soon be unveiling our roadmap to launching a new
party. Communication to all those that have signed up on our online portal will be done in a few days. In the meantime, we continue working towards a country in which the majority of political forces believe in institutional and structured government that is focused not on retaining power for an individual or group of people, but serving all Ugandans.
God bless you all.
Hon. Alice Alaso
New Formation

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