Party Members, Fellow Country men and women.

 The Alliance for National Transformation set out to hold a National Delegates conference in accordance with the provisions on the Party Constitution and the Political Parties organisations Act. This was also to prepare for the Revised Electoral Road map issued by the Electoral Commission of Uganda.

The Mandatory Public Notice was issued in the Public Media and it ran for the required thirty days. Party delegates were notified and procurement processes commenced. The Party also worked out and communicated its plan for adherence to the Ministry of Health guidelines on prevention of Covid-19.

Subsequently the Party undertook to communicate this to the Electoral Commission in a letter dated 6th July, 2020. Unfortunately to date this letter has not been responded to.

 The Party also notified the Inspector General of Police in a letter dated 6th July, 2020 to the same effect. The police responded on the 17th July, 2020, a letter signed for IGP, to say they needed clarification and clearance from the Electoral commission before we could proceed any further.

 We wrote another letter to the Electoral commission on the 24th July, 2020 highlighting the position required by the police, to date unfortunately that letter has not been responded, perhaps altogether ignored.

 Realising the inaction by the EC, the Party constituted a delegation to discuss with the EC on how best to handle the arrangements for the National Delegates Conference. It was promised to us that a response will be made, unfortunately nothing has been done. Ultimately the Electoral Commission has chosen to be an impediment to Internal Party processes whose Constitution were duly registered with the EC at the inception of the Party.

 Now, left with only one day, it is simply impossible to proceed with the National Delegates Conference as scheduled for the 6th August, 2020.

 We are extremely disappointed by the irresponsible attitude of the Electoral commission which has been highlighted by its refusal to respond to competent communication.

 This statement is issued;

  1. To inform members, Delegates and the general public that the Delegates conference is postponed until further notice.
  2. To express deep dissatisfaction on the conduct of the Electoral Commission of Uganda, a body that is mandated to oversee Electoral processes in the Country.

Alaso Alice Asianut

 Ag National Coordinator

 Alliance for National Transformation

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