Qualitative Change is Inevitable

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Qualitative Change is Inevitable

On the morning of 20th April 2021, the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) leadership team was in Mbarara for the Ankole subregional post-election review workshop. The workshop brought together coordinators and the candidates that vied for the 2021 elective positions. This included about 6 candidates who were successful at the local government level. Among the participants included the subregional Coordinator Daniel Kafureka, Julius Tindimwebwa, Coordinator of the Business community, Mr. John Mary Odoi, CCEDU, Chairman Basakana Hannington, the chairperson Emeritus of Jinja District Local Government, Amb. Edith Grace Sempala, the Womens league coordinator, Bala David Bwiruka, the Education Institutions coordinator Mr. Bala David Bwiruka, and Grace Atuhaire, the Diaspora and International Relations Coordinator.

Members present reiterated that voting in Ankole subregion didn’t take place because there were pre-ticked ballot papers, and with the presence of the military, the exercise was clearly aimed at legitimising the process for the continuation of the status quo while violating the rights of Ugandans.

The participants deliberated on issues including state intimidation, alteration of results, vote rigging, the role of the military in elections, restoration of hope that there would be a peaceful transfer of power, building grassroots structures, leadership challenges in some districts, and charting a way forward.

The Presidential Candidate Gen. Mugisha Muntu pointed out that there is a big problem in the country given that several people recognise that ANT is a party with a good message and yet, chose not to vote ANT candidates.

He commended all members for raising the ANT flag all over the country, with a special congratulatory message to members who were contesting for the first time in politics.

He acknowledged the shortcomings of the party and apologised to all members present because the party could not raise all the nomination fees as pledged except those for the position of MP whose nominations fees were 3 million Ugx.

“The party will work to mobilise funds to refund the nomination fees of all nominated candidates. The same goes for the polling agents, however this should be based on the agents who returned the DR forms.”

He affirmed that the party remains stable and ready to transform the country. The result of the election only attests to the unreadiness of the population to change the status quo. Considering the over 30 years of injustices, he stressed the need to empower Ugandans for attitude change to undertake qualitative decisions in the transformation of the country.

“Attitude determines altitude. The party now purposes to empower the population and prepare them for the change that is already in our midst. You cannot transform the country if you are not transformative yourself.”

He added that the party will also be undertaking several trainings for successful candidates, because their successes in the offices they occupy will propel further candidates. This will ensure uniformity in the way all the leaders perform and hence maintain the ANT values-based brand.

Hon. Gerald Karuhanga drew on his experience to show that the electoral process was riddled with many electoral malpractices, state inspired intimidation, and heavy military involvement. ANT was deliberately targeted by the regime because it is afraid of the party and its processes and strategy. He urged that the party should continue to aspire to win the hearts of the people and not focus on winning elections. Considering the numerous vote rigging experiences, he urged all ANT members to focus on doing the right thing.

“Everyone wants a transformed country, soon the dishonesty will come to naught. Build the party, victory will be inevitable.”

He added that the electorate perception is that the ANT is a truthful and honest entity, which is the strength of the party. However, he cautioned members that there is need to show consistency in their support for the party. With deep convictions, the party will be built as a very strong institution and taking power will not be a difficult thing.

“Change is inevitable, the only factor is the time until that change is realised.”

The next meeting will take place on 3rd  May 2021 in Hoima for the Bunyoro sub region. 

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