Replace Bad Leadership with a Qualitative One− Mugisha Muntu

Thursday 10th December 2020, Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu and his team campaigned in the areas of Ngora, Kumi and Bukedea. He used the opportunity to caution some UPDF Generals who have made a habit of irresponsible utterances about not handing over power in case the January 14th polls do not favour Gen. Museveni. “I hear some Generals saying that they cannot give power to another leader. That is propaganda! They don't have the power; the power is with you the people. Make a decision today to overwhelmingly vote Gen. Museveni out of power on 14th Jan 2021,” Mugisha Muntu said

Mugisha Muntu also asked the people to cautiously select their leaders in the forthcoming elections citing that it would not make sense to replace a bad leader with another bad leader. “There are those who say that as long as Museveni goes, it doesn’t matter who is next. That is very dangerous thinking because we want him to go and with his bad governance, corruption, injustices, joblessness. But for that to happen there must be people who are qualitatively different from how he does things,” Mugisha Muntu said.

On social economic development, Mugisha Muntu said that any efficiently planned effort towards agricultural developed has a direct impact on the entire population. It is from this background that he reassured people that the next ANT government will increase the agriculture budget from 3.8% to 10% in line with the Maputo declaration, reestablish agricultural cooperatives, invest in research as well as value chain management.

Mugisha Muntu further said that the livelihoods of the people can never improve without advancement in healthcare, promising that the next ANT government will invest in Primary Health Care, training and improved remuneration for health workers, and establish the National Health Insurance Scheme to bridge the gaps in health access among the populace.

Mugisha Muntu further attributed poverty and slow progress in Uganda’s economic development to a poor education system that has left millions of children, from humble families, with meager chances to access quality education. He said that this can only be solved by improving the standards in public schools and curriculum restructuring from theory to practical based subjects. In pursuit to enhance human capital development, the presidential candidate promised people in Ngora, Kumi, and Bukedea that the next ANT government will ensure quality standards from primary to institutions of higher learning.

Regarding infrastructural development, Mugisha Muntu said that there is a need to kick corruption out of Uganda. He attributed the challenges associated with infrastructural development to corruption, which has infiltrated all departments and agencies in the current government. He assured people that the next ANT government will eliminate all forms of corruption in public spending and this will enhance transparency and value for money in infrastructural development sector.

He concluded the campaigns by urging the people to entrust ANT with leadership through voting its flag bearers, from local councils to the topmost job in the country, the presidency. He added that ANT has all it takes to restore the lost glory of Uganda.     

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