Restoring the Trade Centre of Uganda - Jinja North

Restoring the Trade Centre of Uganda - Jinja North

Dashi Yahaya is an aspiring Member of Parliament for the Jinja North Division Constituency seat on the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party ticket. Mr. Yahaya identifies with the ANT ideals and values through his exemplary experience and continued actions. 

Dashi Yahaya is among the 739 ANT nominated candidates that seek to address corruption, embezzlement, lack of accountability, gross levels of impunity and non-adherence to rule of law, unemployment especially among the youths, and poor service delivery. He is determined and his office will focus their work on the transformation agenda of securing a better future for the current generation and generations to come. 

He was born in December of 1991, to Mr. and Mrs. Waiswa Badru Kibudde of Namulesa village, which is part of the Mafubira Subcounty, in Jinja District. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) and a postgraduate diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre, Uganda.

Mr. Yahaya is eager to use the skills and experiences from his legal career and leaderships roles to add value to the legislative development in Uganda, and for the people in his constituency. He believes in democracy, whereby the people of Uganda have the freedom to choose representatives, and that for his constituency. For Yahaya, making a positive impact on society means that the leader understands that the people and representing their needs and desires must come first. He says that this is how to a leader can effectively influence the people he serves.

Commitment to get the job done

Mr. Yahaya is committed to alleviating poverty from among the people in his community. He possesses a vast amount of knowledge and understands the function of parliament as provided for under chapter six (6) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. He understands that the roles of a Member of Parliament include legislation, budget approval/appropriation, oversight, and representation.

As a qualified and experienced lawyer, Yahaya has the skills required to formulate legislation, debate on pertinent issues, and push for the passing of a bill. Furthermore, his time as Guild Speaker at IUIU and Legal Intern at the Parliament of Uganda has given him firsthand experience at analyzing budgets and especially the national budget. 

Yahaya is committed to using his legal knowledge to promote and ensure rule of law, monitor, and bring to the attention of the public government any and every misuse of funds and unlawful activities. As a representative of the people, he will bring his constituency’s issues and thoughts before parliament because their voice will add to the greater cohesiveness of Uganda. 

Yahaya plans on holding consultative meetings with the electorates of Namulesa Village, update them on the activities of Parliament and government policies, and gather the people’s views and concerns on issues which affect their livelihood. One of the key focuses for Yahaya for Namulesa is instilling a savings and investments culture amongst the people, while advocating for avenues for value additions to their commodities. “It is my strong desire that Busoga gets a common market physically and online to avert the challenges of price fluctuation and to create a diversity of produces for our people,” says Mr. Yahaya. He urges fellow countrymen and women, to vote for ANT elected candidates all over the country on 14 January 2021.

About Jinja North Division:

Jinja North District is among the new constituencies within the National Urban policy that became operational in July 2020. For Jinja, the new constituencies created are Jinja North and Jinja South. Jinja is one of the major districts in the eastern region of Uganda and was the major industrial area of Uganda after independence but many industries collapsed after the expulsion of the Indians in the 1970s by General Idi Amin Dada the then president of Uganda. The District continues to face the diverse regime changes and has not recovered to date. The name Jinja is derived from Jinja Township that was already in existence at the time and later become a municipal council. Jinja is located at the northern end on Lake Victoria in South Eastern Uganda. Lying just north of the Equator, and at an altitude of 3,750 feet (1100 meters) above sea level, it enjoys a very pleasant climate with temperatures ranging from 63 to 82 degrees F. (17 degrees to 28 degrees).

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