Retire Gen. Museveni and Register a New Chapter – Mugisha Muntu

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Retire Gen. Museveni and Register a New Chapter – Mugisha Muntu

Wednesday 9th December 2020, Presidential candidate Mugisha Muntu campaigned in Katakwi, Soroti, and Serere districts. Mugisha Muntu was accompanied by among other leaders, Hon. Alice Alaso, Interim National Coordinator for ANT; Amb. Edith Grace Sempala, Head of Women League; Mr. Okule Nathan, MP aspirant in Katakwi; Okule Nathan; and Mr. Moses Odilit, ANT mobilizer in Teso.


While speaking to the people Katakwi, Soroti, and Serere, Mugisha Muntu expressed concern about Gen. Museveni leaving behind a divided country with a dysfunctional system. He said that to prevent the country from falling apart, we would need a strong team guided by a sober leader.


"The running of this country needs a steady leader and team who have the discipline to build strong systems and institutions and are capable of checking themselves. We are your best bet!" he said.

To ensure a strong team, Mugisha Muntu asked the people of Katakwi to vote for ANT candidates right from the local council level, to parliamentary level, and presidency, and where ANT has no candidates, they should vote for candidates from other change seeking forces.  


On the question of election results in the January 14th polls, Mugisha Muntu told the people in Teso that the best approach to win against any dictator is to overwhelm him and make sure that he has no ground to cheat. Everyone who wants change should make sure that he/she votes and participates in guarding votes.


"The best thing to do to a dictator is to give him a technical knockout. The moment you find that he has 40 to 45%, it becomes easy for him to cheat 10%. But if he can find himself in a situation where he has only 10%, in an area like Teso, how on earth can he cheat 40?" Muntu said. 


Regarding mineral development, the presidential candidate revealed to the people of Serere district that there has been oil exploration in their area for quite some time. Mugisha Muntu told the here that with a corrupt government in power, minerals like oil cannot benefit them; instead, it will benefit the few greedy individuals in government. "You have already seen how you are harassed on the lake. With oil, these people with an insatiable appetite for money will simply displace you. We have seen it in Bunyoro," he said.    

The presidential candidate reassured the people of Teso that the next ANT government will invest heavily in promoting agriculture from subsistence to commercial, restructure the education system, instill discipline in security agencies, put to an end the vice of corruption in public institutions as well as the observance of rule of law.


Mugisha Muntu concluded the day by asking people to retire Gen. Museveni on 14th January 2021 and enable a country to register a new chapter of mending the broken pieces and restoring the diminishing glory of the country that was once referred to as the Pearl of Africa.  

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