Retiring NRMs incompetence is an act of patriotism

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Retiring NRMs incompetence is an act of patriotism

On 6th January 2020, Gen Mugisha Muntu, the ANT presidential candidate and the campaign team led by Hon. Winnie Kiiza campaigned in Mitooma, Rukungiri and Kanungu. Mugisha Muntu urged voters to vote for his presidency and ANT candidates at all levels. Mugisha Muntu commits to removing the thieves that are in the leadership of the country and set the country on a transformative path. “Uganda loses over 1 billion USD per year on corruption. The country hasn’t had any clear plans on how to protect these losses or to invest the money in infrastructure development,” he said.

He stated that the country is at a crossroads. He reminded the residents and the country at large of the many wars they have fought in the hopes for an effective path to nation-building. “We have the power of leadership but the course of action hasn’t registered significant contributions to national unity. We have a leadership that is drunk on power, and gullible to progressive advice,” Mugisha Muntu said. He told the people that he is committed to envisioning a better Uganda with robust economic growth, employment for all, rule of law, advanced healthcare, high standards in education, and for the farmers to be self-sustainable.

Mugisha Muntu reinstated that the country is at a crossroads because many things are hurting all Ugandans. As a people, for a while, we have endured injustices, the incompetence of the leadership in choosing self-service as opposed to human dignity and protection. A lot of money is lost every year. Money that could be reinvested in boosting our economy.  

Drawing on the transitional leadership journeys in the neighbouring countries of Kenya and Tanzania, he echoed the importance of changing presidential leadership, so that Uganda can be truly free. He urged all Ugandans to execute their act of patriotism by retiring YK. Museveni. “It has been done in Kenya, DRC and Tanzania, with Moi, Kibaki, and Uhuru among others,” he said. He also drew on the example of Tanzania’s leadership transition to show the essence of peaceful transitions.  

The candidate reminded the people about the #Togikwatako campaign, whereby Uganda’s constitution which had envisioned the need for transitional leadership was amended by the legislature to accommodate YK Museveni’s age. These events should remind every Ugandan that the challenge is not just about removing YK. Museveni leadership, but NRM candidates and their corrupted values across all levels.  

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