Stakeholder Involvement in Policy Design and Implementation will improve the Quality of Service Delivery − Mugisha Muntu

Stakeholder Involvement in Policy Design and Implementation will improve the Quality of Service Delivery − Mugisha Muntu

Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu took his campaign to the furthest eastern districts of Kween and Bukwo on Friday 11th December 2020. The journey that started in Teso through Kapchorwa was the toughest since the beginning of this campaign due to the poor road network. "The road from Kapchorwa to Swam is only 75 KM but it took us 6 hours to reach here. Even if we hadn't come here to campaign I would be surprised if you voted for NRM," Mugisha Muntu said. Swam is one of the borders between Uganda and Kenya.  

The Presidential Candidate said that the area cannot develop without an improved road network. He said that poor road infrastructure compromises all essential service delivery including health, education, and markets for agricultural commodities. He attributed poor road infrastructure to corruption and negligence by the current government. He further said that the leaders in the current government are preoccupied with regime survival and have little time to think about development. The presidential candidate reassured the people in Kween and Bukwo that the next ANT government will prioritize the opening of road networks and communication lines in their area.

On top of poor road infrastructure, the area is also challenged by poor health service delivery. Mugisha Muntu told the people that the next ANT government will ensure refurbishment of the existing health units, construct new ones, and ensure that they are fully stocked with drugs and equipment. At the national level, the government shall establish the National Insurance Scheme to ensure access to specialized treatment for every citizen of Uganda irrespective of his or her status. The government will further focus on enhanced human resource management practices including improved remuneration systems and on-job training for health workers.

Mugisha Muntu further spoke about the poor state of educational services in the area. According to UNESCO (2018) and UWEZO (2016), Eastern Uganda has the highest school dropout rate which was estimated at 68%. He attributed this to the poor implementation of the universalization policy in both primary and secondary schools. He said that this has led to poor outputs, compromising the national human capital development. He reassured people that the next ANT government will put much emphasis on ensuring access to quality education for every child in Uganda. He said that this will be achieved through involving stakeholders in program re-designing, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.     

Mugisha Muntu also assured the citizens in Kween and Bukwo that the next ANT's government plans to transform agriculture from subsistence to commercial. He said that the government shall invest in agricultural research, reestablish cooperative societies, increase the agricultural sector budget, establish agriculture development as well as promote agricultural value chain management.

He concluded by asking the people to help the country and retire Gen. Museveni in the January 14th 2021 polls, and that for this to happen, the people must turn up in very large numbers and vote for change in all leadership positions.  

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