Stand Firm and Overwhelm Gen. Museveni through the Ballot− Mugisha Muntu

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Stand Firm and Overwhelm Gen. Museveni through the Ballot− Mugisha Muntu

Sunday 27th December 2020, Presidential Candidate and his team campaigned in the northern Buganda districts of Nakasongola, Kiboga, and Kyankwanzi. Getting to these areas was not an easy task as the team had to negotiate its way through several unnecessary security checkpoints that interfered with most of the team’s arrangements. Nonetheless, the team was able to meet and briefly talk to the people in these areas. Mugisha Muntu asked the people to do away with the negative mindset that Gen. Museveni is going to rig the election and be prepared to overwhelm him and defend their votes. He said that Gen. Museveni has been using this psychological warfare to demotivate Ugandans from overwhelmingly voting against him by making them believe that he will rig and their vote will not count. He added that once they overwhelmingly turn up and vote against NRM candidates at all levels, it will be practically be impossible for him to overturn the decisive defeat.

"We need all the registered voters to show up on 14th January 2021 and vote for change, and to have people of integrity on the ground, who can't be swayed by some shillings, or a bar of soap to monitor the process, and make it hard for any election fraud to take place," Mugisha Muntu said.

The presidential candidate further asked people in Nakasongola, Kiboga, and Kyankwanzi to front national interests over personal sentiments in the January 14th polls. He said that voting for a leader should be based on his or her capabilities, irrespective of whether you like them. He further asked voters not to vote for their relatives who remained in the NRM, for the good of this nation. On this, he said that these NRM leaders have constantly betrayed their country through connivance with Gen. Museveni to manipulate the constitution against the will of all Ugandans. Once they are voted out, the country will get a new breed of patriotic leaders ready to front the country's interest before self. “The best way to decisively disempower Gen. Museveni and deny him a chance of manipulating the systems, as usual, is to vote out NRM leaders and cut his roots," he said.

He concluded the day assuring the people of Nakasongola, Kiboga, and Kyankwanzi that the power rests in them and that the battleground will be in the ballot box on January 14th, 2021. He asked them to use this power to decide the fate of this nation by voting for the ANT value-based team that will steer this nation into a promised land.

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