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Fellow Ugandans,

The Women of Uganda in particular.

We join the International community on this occasion to celebrate the International Women's day.
To the Woman every where in the World, this milestone brings hope that the World should increasingly get better for every woman and the girl child. We celebrate with you all the achievements attained both locally and internationally.

Every year this event is celebrated especially by the high and powerful, wealthy and empowered Woman. It certainly is a day where the divide among Women gets highlighted. We appreciate UPE, Affirmative Action, engendered laws and policies and access to political office.

On this occasion the A.N.T finds it important to emphasize that there is a lot more to do for the ordinary Woman than simply entertainment in the celebration venues.

True empowerment for the Ugandan Woman is when extreme poverty is kicked out of her life, when she can find market for her agricultural produce and when her labour becomes integrated fully as part of the national economy, when her children do not drop out of school due to lack of tuition.
True empowerment for the Ugandan Woman is when her ideas matter in the decision making arena hence going beyond numbers and her land rights are protected.

The A.N.T would like to see more Women at the helm of decision making arena. When Women lead, they lead passionately, selflessly and honestly. 
Women's leadership could be a major solution to the leadership crisis in Uganda.
Women are an embodiment of resilience and sacrifice.

At the A.N.T we are committed to gender and equity as one of our core values. Our pledge is to make Uganda truly democratic and so remove the current impediment of risky politics.

We are committed to moving towards Gender parity in enhancing Women participation in all aspects of life.

On this occasion we join the many Women who have in the recent past suffered harassment, loss of husbands, children and parents due to military brutality and high-handedness in the recently concluded elections.
Rather than give these Women another meaningless theme we urge those in authority to compensate them for the loss, mistakes and pain meted out to them.

We urge Government to release missing husbands, sons and daughters, brothers and parents so that these families too will have a reason to celebrate.

True empowerment will come when Ugandan Women get a sense of personal security, dignity of person and protection of their freedoms. The current state of political expression is so risky and ultimately curtails Women participation.

We further urge Government to deal decisively with the menace of human trafficking which has caused severe suffering to our Women and girls. There needs to be in place strict regulation, monitoring and accountability in the labour export industry.

Moreover Government can make Uganda a land of opportunity for all our Youth so that they don't have to flee unemployment.

Lastly we urge Government to address the state of health service delivery so that the natural calling of motherhood becomes a truly joyful experience.

We at the A.N.T will spend this day as a day of reflection with those who have experienced brutality at the hands of the State.

Fellow Ugandans, we wish you all a happy Women's day celebration.

May God bless you all.

Alaso Alice Asianut
Ag. National Coordinator.

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