Taking a Values Path

Taking a Values Path

Legislation is one of the fundamental aspects of governance that protects citizens from exploitation by untrustworthy leaders. It provides a mechanism through which oversight and accountability are effects by the institution of parliament. However, this can only be achieved if we have leaders that can meet this standard and live up to the expectation of the masses. Since its independence, in 1962, Uganda has had 11 parliaments to date. Ironically, the quality of parliament has been diminishing over time and we are worried that it may continue to diminish to the level that it may never have the capacity to execute its roles.


As citizens, we must reverse this trend and go back to where we lost the track and seek to course correct. Good enough, we still have the leaders that hold our country’s glory to its peak. It is at this point that I introduce to you, the Hon. Alice Alaso, the former Public Accounts Committee Chairperson in the 9th Parliament. It is this breed of legislators who shined a light on how to execute oversight by parliament before we descended into the transactional politics that we have today.


Hon. Alice Alaso is the current National Coordinator for the Alliance for National Transformation, a party built on values and ethos aimed at transforming this nation to the pillar of following value-based politics. She comes into the Serere race with the new seed of planting values into our politics. Electing Alice Alaso will be the starting point for rejuvenating our lost glory in the legislature. I call upon countrymen and women, who wish for better for this country, to join ANT and coalesce along the Hon. Alice Alaso and begin a new revolution of promoting value-based politics.


Alice also comes with a mind of building institutions, an aspect that has greatly diminished in our political spectrum. Her entrance into the 11th parliament will be the beginning of a new chapter towards the right direction. Country men and women, we need to think of quality leaders above everything else, short of quality leaders, we will be doing nothing. Our country will be traded to the highest bidder and there will be nothing left for our great-grandchildren. We are lucky that we have institutions like ANT that are working day and night to pursue the path of having credible leaders who put the country before themselves. Hon. Alice Alaso falls under this calibre of leaders as she has demonstrated before in national politics.


Akampa Wright

ANT Youth Leader

Kiruhura District


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