Terror Attack on Uganda: Every Ugandan regardless of the location is a potential victim.

Terror Attack on Uganda: Every Ugandan regardless of the location is a potential victim.

It is unfortunate that on 16th November 2021 we lost Ugandans to a terror attack. I condole with the families, friends, and relatives of those who lost their loved ones during the twin bombings in Kampala. It is our prayer that those who were injured get the necessary medication and attention needed for their recovery. It is quite disturbing especially for some of us who are outside the country to hear of such tragic scenarios of blood being spilled on the streets of Kampala, yet these are innocent humans trying to survive amidst the already disruptive covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, you can only “know terrorism only if you have seen it”.


While terrorism is unpredictable and hard to fight globally, to some extent, reluctancy and neglect of duty by the government security institutions in terms of intelligence and crime prevention is partly to blame. In my opinion the twin bombing wasn’t unprecedented, it proceeded the explosive on the 23rd and 25th October 2021, which I believe were red flags to our security operatives to prompt a swing into action that could have prevented the loss of lives. We shouldn’t forget that since our involvement in the peace keeping mission in Somalia and the 2010 bombing during the world cup, where we lost over 70 people is indicative, we have never been off the radar of terrorists.


Government and security institutions have a constitutional and civic contract to protect all Ugandans and their properties. However, currently the NRM government and its henchmen prioritize themselves instead of serving all Ugandans. Further, the killing of prime suspects of the bombings does not bring justice to the grieving families or solve the problem. Rather, it continues to create fear in the population to report suspects since they are killed before due process is carried out to unearth the intention of the perpetrators. Let the police and other security operatives invest diligently in due processes of pursuing the perpetrators of terrorism and produce a report to the citizens.


Despite, some pitfalls in the security systems, it is on us as citizens of Uganda to remain vigilant now more than ever before to fight not only terrorism but, also forces of tyranny, oppression, and exploitation that have ravaged the country. As Ugandans in the diaspora, we remain grieved and concerned, and determined in supporting all good efforts to uplift our country. Transformation is necessary now.


By Kamuhanda Francis

Coordinator, ANT USA Chapter.



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