The last electoral review workshop for the rest of Buganda subregion.

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The last electoral review workshop for the rest of Buganda subregion.

On 06th May 2021, the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) leadership team hosted the last electoral review meeting at Nsambya Sharing Hall in the city of Kampala. The 13th meeting brought together ANT candidates who vied for various positions and coordinators for the rest of Buganda subregion. From the last elections, in the whole of Buganda, there was 1 winner in Wakiso district.


Participants reflected on the general electoral process, the party’s performance, grassroots structure building, strategic plan, members’ petitions, coordination, and communications.


Hon. Alice Alaso, the Ag. National Coordinator, commended candidates, and coordinators for persevering through a hostile election. She pointed out that the meeting had been earlier planned for the first week of April but postponed because the date had coincided with the public remembrance of the late Archbishop Cipriano. On the just concluded elections, she emphasised that the party’s decision to participate in the elections was an opportunity to popularise the party especially in the areas where candidates were fielded.


“The candidates set up campaign teams – who subsequently were recruited as members who believed in the party. There was increased visibility for the party.”


She also pointed out that the reason for the inefficiencies in the coordination of the party activities was due to a lack of preparedness on the part of the party. In addition, Hon. Alaso added that the opportunity for participating in the electoral processes allowed the ANT message to be spread throughout the country – courtesy of the candidatures. She emphasised that the outcomes from the elections should be viewed from the three perspectives of the hostile environment, some lost, others were rigged, and others were robbed of victory and were in court.


The party’s presidential candidate Gen. Mugisha Muntu noted that the party was just over a year old when it participated in the general elections when all structure building efforts were disrupted by the pandemic and consequent elections. He pointed out that the past elections were military operations coupled with vote buying using taxpayer funds.


He emphasised that preparing, organising, reaching out to the people with the message of hope is necessary if real change was to be achieved in the country. While encouraging members to stay committed to the transformation agenda, he added that electoral numbers were not a sign of strength except if the numbers were on the side of truth. Truth always wins. This was a fact that the electorate needed to be told.


Gen. Muntu pointed out that the opposition did have weakness. Having lost elections, the opposition often resorts to lamentations rather than working towards preparation for the next elections.


He emphasised that taking power is dependent on ANT’s preparedness to not only take power, but also managed it once elected. The goal of ANT is to take power with discipline, reinstate institutions, and the rule of law. He encouraged the participants to remain on the path of truth and justice.


Also present at the workshop was Hon. Paul Mwiru, who aappreciated the courage of the participants for participating in the politics and not the politics of the wave as was the case in the region. He said that “What is done, is done. It is now time to focus on the major issues at hand”.


“ANT was not and is not an election party. The goal of the party is to build a party for posterity to transform the politics of the country.”


While reiterating that the goal of the party was to take power and manage the power responsibly, he emphasised that the party was not focused on simple politics but on mature politics. He derided the tendencies for the electorate and members who wanted money even members wanting financial facilitation as payment for party work.


Hon. Angeline Osege who was also present at the workshop mentioned that the lessons of the past elections will be helpful in informing the party and its membership moving forward. She encouraged the participants that they were on the right path, adding that ANT was building a brand and therefore would not be measured by what others said. It is this belief within the party that will drive it forward.


Present at the workshop was Hon. Sarah Kiyingi who urged party members to have a better understanding of the party because “that knowledge is the pillar towards practising the values at an individual level”. She added that there is need for investment in marketing and fundraising, at the individual and party levels, for increased visibility.


Also, in attendance were Julius Tindimwebwa, Coordinator of the Business community, Mr. John Mary Odoy, CCEDU, Chairman Basakana Hannington, the chairperson of Emeritus Jinja District Local Government and Grace Atuhaire, the Diaspora and International Affairs Coordinator. 


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