This Country Needs Qualitative Change− Mugisha Muntu

On Saturday 12th December 2020, presidential candidate Mugisha Muntu and his team campaigned in Bulambuli district. He expressed concern about the skyrocketing levels of poverty, poor educational standards, low prices for agricultural products, poor road networks, unemployment, and challenges in land management, among others. Basing on these pressing issues, Mugisha Muntu told the people here that the only solution to their socioeconomic burden lies in voting Gen. Museveni and his people out of power on January 14th, 2021.

The presidential candidate reassured the people that the next ANT government will start from key priority areas i.e., agriculture, health care, education, and transport infrastructure. Regarding agriculture, he said "We will establish an Agricultural Bank to enable farmers to grow from producing for their home consumption to commercial scale. It's just not feasible for farmers to borrow at current rates from commercial banks." He added that the government will reestablish cooperative unions, put emphasis on value addition, and establish agro-processing industries in key farming areas.

He further spoke about the education system in Uganda and said that the next government will revise the curriculum to introduce practical based learning, which is the only solution to the unemployment burden, and the road to socio-economic transformation.

On healthcare, Mugisha Muntu said that healthcare does not stop at having a building with a signpost but includes the quality of services people receive at the said building. He said that the next ANT government will invest in primary health care (PHC), adequate stocking of health facilities, adequate staffing, and motivation of health workers.  

Mugisha Muntu further commented on the issue of landslides and attributed the challenges of post-disaster management in the area to poor planning by the current government. He promised the people that the next ANT government will use a people-centered approach in relocating people affected by landslides.

He gave his concluding remarks by urging the people of Bulambuli to entrust the ANT leaders with power and register a definitive change that will transform Uganda for the better.

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