Tired of Wolves in Sheep’s clothing? Vote Mugisha Muntu and ANT

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Tired of Wolves in Sheep’s clothing? Vote Mugisha Muntu and ANT

It is exactly one day to election day, which is on Thursday, 14th January 2021. On Saturday 9th January 2021, the Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu and the campaign team canvassed in the districts of Ibanda and Kiruhura. The campaign trail also included stopovers in Mabonwa and Rukiri Ibanda.  The team was joined by Apollo Tumusiime, MP Aspirant of Nyabushozi and Rosemary Kabalangira, Woman MP Candidate among others. In Kiruhura, the ANT team based in the district gave the campaign team a cow as a gift on behalf of the people of the area.

Mugisha Muntu appealed to the residents to help set the country on the right path. He said that if Uganda is to register democratic growth, we need to gather the courage to take actions that protect our country from individuals who continue to abuse the rule of law and the organs of government. Recent history shows that the parliament of Uganda as we know it is not independent and the majority of the elected leaders enforce a corrupt NRM hegemony as opposed to the collective good of the country. Our democracy is at stake and the moment to act is on 14th January 2021. 

He made reference to the continued injustices that are aimed at presidential candidates. He challenged the residents to consider that, “ If they can do these things to presidential candidates on camera, what will they do to the ordinary citizen?” In addition, Mugisha Muntu pointed out that politics today in the country are made up of individuals who make selfish decisions and take selfish actions at a heavy cost to the country. This cost will be paid by the current and future generations. “We need to take back our power from the current leadership and vote for qualitative change, which the Alliance for National Transformation represents,” Muntu said. 

Mugisha Muntu reminded the residents of Ibanda and Kiruhura that the country, 58 years since independence, has never had a peaceful transition of power. Whenever one secured executive power, the other incumbent was always at the border running for their life. The 14th of January 2021, is a decisive moment for the country as to whether we will be taking a peaceful course of action or a bad one. He also made reference to his motivation to leave the NRM party citing the different abuses that existed in the leadership that have now been institutionalised within the party hegemony. 

As he concluded, the Presidential Candidate said that the injustices we see are not just happening in Kampala since they have a rippled effect on the rest of the country. It is for all Ugandans to stand together and address the issues at hand. He called on Ugandans to make a decisive vote on Thursday, 14 January 2021, and vote for qualitative change by voting for Mugisha Muntu as President and for all ANT representatives at various levels.

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