Title: ANT Electoral Review in Tooro and Rwenzori subregion

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On the morning of 04th May 2021, the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) leadership team embarked on the last phase of the electoral review workshops in Fort Portal city. The 12th electoral review meeting conducted by the party was held at the Catholic Diocese Fort Portal McCauley Hall. The workshop brought together all ANT subregional coordinators, and candidates who vied for elected positions as flag bearers of the ANT party in Tooro and Rwenzori subregion. The region is embedded with a rich history and traditions that contribute to the uniqueness of Uganda.


The workshop started at 10:00 AM and the discussion covered several issues ranging from review of the previous general election and affairs on polling agents, challenges from the electoral process, learning more about the values-based philosophy of the party, analysing the reasons for electoral loss, district offices, updates about building structures, ANT strategic plan, ideas for developing grassroots structures and membership.


Hon. Alaso Alice, the Ag. National Coordinator for ANT, emphasised that the post-election review workshop is a time of reflection and patching up with the view of creating ideas to leverage in the futures. She reiterated that this phase of meetings was designed for candidates (the majority) and the election managers. In addition, she highlighted that ANT registered several successes that include having candidates as flag bearers, visibility in areas where the party had no structures, and ANT candidates became the party structure in the areas they had contested.


The candidates within the region experienced several challenges including intimidation and high handedness from the current regime, issues of funding, structures, and communication.


Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Presidential flagbearer for ANT, recognised that the ANT, as a young party had limited financial resources and lacked the necessary momentum to gather the projected win in the just concluded election.


He commended the candidates who run on the ANT ticket showing their individual commitment and readiness to contribute to the growth of the party. He pointed out that the party martialled some seats but despite the dismal performance, the party made tremendous strides and emerged stronger. He reiterated that ANT had a message for the elections and regardless of the several challenges met, seeds were sown.


“We have had the opportunity to test the party strengths and weakness to inform future strategies,” he said.


Regarding the lessons learned from the previous elections, Gen. Muntu added that although the people were not ready for ANT, there is need to strengthen the party structures and have a unified strategic plan that sets a different course of action for the country. He stressed that taking power requires having strength at the grassroots, which is the strength of the presidency. Only deeply rooted parties can take power.


Among the participants included Daniel Kafureka, the subregional Coordinator, Julius Tindimwebwa, Coordinator of the Business community, Mr. John Mary Odoy, CCEDU, Chairman Basakana Hannington, the chairperson of Emeritus Jinja District Local Government, Amb. Edith Grace Sempala, the Women’s League Coordinator, and Bala David Bwiruka, the Education Institutions coordinator.

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