To the Ugandans in the diaspora, A call to join the Alliance.

To the Ugandans in the diaspora, A call to join the Alliance.
Dear gallant Ugandans in the Diaspora. Receive greetings from the Alliance for National for Transformation.

We take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts in uplifting the Ugandan flag wherever you are. We also thank you for the efforts you do back home in supporting both your families & the country in general.
May God reward your efforts.

If you follow the events & trends in Uganda, you may agree with me that there is a leadership crisis back home.

Many of you live outside Uganda not by design but the circumstances you found yourselves in. Either your families stayed there running away from violence & political persecution or you went to look for greener pastures as your country couldn't afford you one.

Indeed as people who are exposed, you will agree with me that Uganda is quite behind in many aspects of governance & development. From our  past, the high levels of corruption with impunity, violence orchestrated by the state, lack of democratic principles, sectarianism & favouritism among others have characterised governance in Uganda.

To date elections continue to be stolen, political opponents harassed & persecuted, leaders act as masters instead of servants etc.

Above all we have not had a peaceful transfer of power from a leader to another since independence. This weak political foundation brings uncertainty & slows down investment. It also creates imbalances, intrigue, underdevelopment and many other challenges. For example our country is divided between two portions of the North & East, and the other part being Western and Central. Locally our people have been bulkanized & divided into small portions of districts at times given on tribal basis or even to dispense Political patronage. There are past wounds that haven't been healed yet reconciliation is vital for National Unity.

You will recall that Ugandans in Diaspora right from independence have always participated in the struggles to change the status quo of affairs in Uganda. Even before independence, Ugandans & Africans who went abroad either for education or to fight the World wars used the exposure to encourage & empower Ugandans back home to struggle for our independence.

This is because its pertinent for us to have a country in which we can all live comfortably & thrive. Even you are abroad, maybe luckily in a comfortable life or otherwise, its important to make a contribution back home.

This is on account that Uganda has abundant resources which if well utilised can develop our country.  You must have seen many countries which are not as endowed as Uganda but which are rich & prosperous. We have all it takes to become the country we want to become.

Therefore the Alliance for National Transformation a Political party in Uganda that was launched in 2019 with the main agenda of changing the political culture in Uganda.

Alliance for National Transformation stands for values like Transparency, Justice, Equality,  Godliness & Institutional building.

In the Alliance we believe that the best way to change the political culture is to encourage people who believe in those values to voluntarily join our party & take leadership positions at different levels.  These could be both Political roles & others technical roles like policy issues among others.

Once we have a concentration of good leaders, we can shift the political dynamics in our country & change the manner in which leadership & power is exercised. 

The notion that politics is a dirty game, has pushed many people of integrity out of politics leaving it for people who are looking for selfish interests. Yet when the good people abandon politics for the bad people, the consequences affect both. Just like Napoleon puts it, " the nation suffers a lot not because of the violence of the bad people but the silence of the good people". So it's necessary &  urgent that we all do something to avert the situation, if not for ourselves atleast for our children and grand children.

Its therefore trend that we are committed to change, its a task that is hard but possible, big but insurmountable & we are ready to achieve it at all costs.

Therefore ladies & gentlemen, this is to call you to join this cause. If you believe that Uganda can surely develop if we inculcate those values into leadership, then you are welcome to the Alliance for National Transformation.

We shall give you the necessary documents that you can read to understand us better & also means through which you can contribute to the cause.

Thank you. May God bless you.

(By Muhimbise George, On Behalf of the ANT Communications team)

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