Values-Based Governance and a Culture of Service in Public Sector.

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Values-Based Governance and a Culture of Service in Public Sector.


The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) has been conducting post-election review workshops across the country. Thursday, 15 April 2021, the workshop was conducted in Arua, after half a day’s travel from Gulu. The roads are quite new, although the big potholes make it difficult for one to traverse the two areas which are not too far apart. There is plenty of room for development in the region as is reflected in other regions where the post-election review workshops have already been conducted.


The missed opportunity for the people of Uganda in creating favorable conditions for all citizens is in good governance, accountability, and investment in the agricultural industry among other thing, that would impact the majority of the country.


Participants reflected on individual and party preparations for the just concluded elections, the way forward to 2026 general elections, the party and the values-based philosophy, the strength, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities and threats, strategy for building party structures, marketing the party, and recommendations regarding the code of conduct for all party members.


Participants recognised that ANT is now known countrywide, the transformation message was spread just as widely, and that many know the party as a values-based organization. Additionally, ANT registered successes with several seats were won in the local government and particularly, an LC V chairperson seat.


The Education Institutions Coordinator, Mr. Bala David Bwiruka who was present at the workshop, emphasized that there is need for coordinators to explain the party to the youths and recruit them as the solutions for the problems of Uganda.


Also present at the workshop was the women’s league coordinator, Amb. Edith Grace Sempala who encouraged women to be courageous, confident, and mobilise in earnest both women and men because the future of the country is at stake. She remined members that they are very lucky to be in an institution that is ready to empower and build capacity among its members to realise their fullest potential in ensuring inclusive development in the country.


“The rural women need to know that they suffer a double jeopardy with bad governance, and it is they who hold the solution for the country,” Amb. Edith Sempala said.


The presidential candidate Gen. Mugisha Muntu was also present at the workshop and congratulated West Nile for being an exemplary subregion in registering the majority wins in comparison to other subregions. He referred to the 2021 ANT roadmap and the leadership’s commitment to organising a review meeting to prepare a strategic plan, organise the delegates conference, and follow up on the structural building from the district to the parish level.

He reminded the members of the importance of early planning and preparations. While alluding to the past electoral experience where the prospective ANT candidates had been militarily targeted by the current regime, he shared his hope that one day, the party would bear the fruits of its persistent mobilisation on values-based organising.  


He reiterated that the existence of ANT in Uganda is an opportunity to show that the transformative agenda is possible in Uganda. “Ensuring Justice, equity, rule of law, transparency, and accountability are part of the ANT core agenda,” Gen. Muntu said.


He also said that ANT is set out to create a culture of service in the public sector and taking power is not an end, but a beginning of values-based government.


“Change is a constant, change will happen, but it is necessary to prepare to usher in qualitative change”, Gen. Muntu emphasised.


He added that if we don’t build a strong and sustainable structure today to meet the present problems and mitigate the anticipated future crises, the country and the next generations will be negatively impacted by today’s actions of continued bad governance.


In attendance, the ANT leadership present included Hon. Kassiano Ezati Wadri, Mr. Julius Tindimwebwa, Coordinator of the Business community, Mr. John Mary Odoi, CCEDU, Chairman Basakana Hannington, the chairperson Emeritus of Jinja District Local Government, Amb. Edith Grace Sempala, the Education Institutions Coordinator Mr. Bala David Bwiruka, and the Diaspora and International Relations Coordinator, Grace Atuhaire. 


The next meeting is on 18th April 2021 in Kabale for the Kigezi Subregion. 


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