We will make Corruption very Risky for Government Officials – Mugisha Muntu

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We will make Corruption very Risky for Government Officials – Mugisha Muntu

Friday 4th December 2020, Presidential Candidate Mugisha Muntu and his team campaigned in the Northern Ugandan districts of Lamwo, Kitgum, and Agago. The day started from Palabek-Gem where he officiated the opening of the coordination office for Lamwo Woman MP Flag bearer Hon. Nyeko-Jones Jennifer.


Mugisha Muntu expressed concern for the persistent decline of the agricultural sector whereby farmers have been locked in old fashioned subsistence farming, leading to abject poverty and little hope of breaking out of this trap. He assured the people that the next ANT government will promote agriculture through the enhancement of mechanized farming, promotion of value chain management, and reestablishment of cooperative unions. He added that the government will set up an agricultural bank to enable farmers' access to credit facilities.


The presidential candidate expressed his disappointment with the poor state of the road network in the region, which has made it impossible for development to take place. He attributed this to uncoordinated and haphazard planning, unprofessional work, and resource siphoning through corruption and a bloated bureaucracy. Mugisha Muntu reassured the people that the next ANT government will make corruption very risky for government officials and that fighting it will not just be mere talk but real action. "…respecting institutions will ensure that when a road is to be built, politics doesn't get in the way of action. We will provide clear directions, trust those charged with implementation to do their job, and hold everyone accountable regardless of rank," he said.


Mugisha Muntu also said that the country is highly indebted due to irresponsible borrowing coupled with immense corruption and negligence. It should be noted that Ugandan public debt stands at 56.3 trillion shillings ($15.33 billion) as reported by the Central Bank in June 2020. He said that the next ANT government will not borrow for the sake of borrowing but rather focus on efficient and effective planning to ensure value for money in every aspect of government spending.


Mugisha Muntu concluded his campaigns in the area urging people to retire Gen. Museveni on 14th January 2020 through the ballot. He said that this is the only way through which this country can achieve a peaceful transfer of power from one president to another. "It is the responsibility of every citizen of Uganda to help Gen. Museveni to do what he failed to do. Retire him on the 14th of January!" Muntu said.         

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